Here at Sofeast we regularly work with steel alloys and suppliers who’re producing steel goods on behalf of our clients, so we’ve created a playlist of videos sharing our expertise about the different steels you may encounter.

steel alloys

Importers of steel alloys, components, and products need to understand the different types of steel, their properties, and their common applications. Therefore, in this video series, we will explore the various benefits and drawbacks of the different steel grades.

Unsure which steel grade your supplier is using?
Need to select a steel type for your products, but as yet undecided?

These videos will help you gain a far better understanding of common steel alloys, like carbon, alloy, and stainless.

How To Test Steel Alloy Quality?

Importers need to conduct physical tests and also chemical analysis in order to assure steel quality.

steel alloys testing The 2 key physical tests are:

  • Tensile test (applying tension until failure)
  • Hardness (or durometry) test, which can be done in different ways

Chemical analysis is usually done with an X-ray fluorescence tester.

You can see an entire playlist of videos on how to check the properties of steel, including toughness, corrosion resistance, and more below:

additional resources

Additional resources to learn more about steel alloys and products

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