About Sofeast's fulfillment approach

Sofeast Fulfillment Benefits

Sofeast focuses on quality throughout when working on your fulfillment project and provides a lot of value-added benefits (see below).

We are not the lowest-cost provider when it comes to “moving and storing boxes,” however, we are a good fit for you if you need more than just a simple warehousing service

In case some inspection/kitting/packing is needed, we go through a setup process which is costed into your MOQ price. That means our quotation per piece will be high if your quantity is low (in the tens or hundreds of pieces).

Value-added benefits of working with Sofeast on your fulfilment, kitting, co-packing, and more

  • Western-owned and managed 3PL in China
  • 8000+ sq. m facility in Dongguan, near Shenzhen and Hong Kong
  • Where necessary, we can help you and work with your suppliers to give you visibility on what they are doing (production status, quality of the products…)
  • Bilingual quality assurance, supply chain management, and purchasing experts
  • IP protection is our strong commitment, we can explain all the related solutions
  • We create work instructions for our operators when we have to do kitting and/or packing work
  • We coordinate with suppliers for replacements when needed 
  • We do a quality inspection after our work, to confirm all is fine, and we share the report with our customer
  • We operate our own quality & reliability testing laboratory, which is handy to perform some common tests on packaging, such as carton drop test, compression test, vibration test, and more. You can visit its website here: RSQ-Labs
  • We provide extra added value services, like laser or CNC engraving, labelling, shrink wrap packing, dropshipping or bulk shipment, and define and realise specific jigs for test or assembly

Our Setup Process

If you are looking for a higher assurance of quality, our setup process helps provide it and is built into our quotations for a given MOQ.

One of our process engineers will look at the steps involved and will set up the right layout and the right process. He will prepare the right type of equipment, for example, a wrapping & sealing machine.

This is particularly valuable for avoiding mixups, which happen when the layout does not present all the devices/accessories nicely in front of the operator. 

It is also a big plus if you expect very few quality issues such as poorly placed stickers, forgotten inserts, or badly folder cardboard boxes. Trained operators who are working under the supervision of their team leader are much less likely to make those mistakes.

To sum up, here are the benefits our setup process provides:

  • A more orderly engraving/kitting/packing process
  • Reduced chance of mixing up 2 items
  • A line leader (who is used to working to tight quality requirements) briefs the operators on what is important and, where needed, ensures the key processes are documented visually
  • Sometimes we’ll involve a process engineer to prepare an assembly fixture, a go/no go gauge or some other piece of tooling that improves both productivity and quality
  • Fewer mistakes mean less scrapped material, which, if unchecked, can be quite expensive

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