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Why Prototype Development Can Test Common Design Assumptions

When spending time on the design of your product you have probably made many assumptions. Undertaking prototype development and creating a prototype will help to test if these assumptions are correct and demonstrate the right approach moving forward.

You may feel that:

  • Finished products will pass applicable certifications
  • All parts can be purchased easily in the Shenzhen/Dongguan area
  • Fabrication and assembly will be relatively standard and easy
  • Mechanical elements will function as expected, without any risks
  • Tooling for mass production will not cost more than XXX USD

But you need to validate if these are correct through the prototyping process.

The good news
Our team can guide you and suggest the right approach for your project. We can also do a lot of the engineering, purchasing, and assembly work to get your prototype ready in a short period of time using our in-house prototyping equipment.

What is Sofeast’s prototype development solution?
Our clients come to us with a product design, or simply an idea for a new product. We review the design and suggest improvements to reach the client’s objectives, but there is a point where physical prototype(s) need to be made. We get the materials and drawings together and rapidly produce your prototype(s) in our own ‘hackerspace’ facility.

Why choose this solution?
Many issues only become obvious after one sees and uses a physical rendering of one’s new product idea. Some materials might not look nice together, a feature might be detrimental to user experience, or a manufacturing process might be exceedingly difficult.

Our company employs mechanical designers, electronic engineers, process engineers, and managers with strong production experience. Let us be part of your team.

Is China prototyping a must?
It is not. However, it might be your best option even if you intend to launch production in Vietnam, in Mexico, or in your own country.

All common components can be sourced within 2 hours of Shenzhen, in a matter of hours or days. The expertise is often here, after 30 years of export manufacturing. And this country can make things happen quickly!

prototype development
making a prototype

Who is this prototype development solution suitable for?
Do you want to develop and manufacture a new mechanical, electrical, and/or electronic product? If you don’t have the experience internally, use our engineering expertise and our contacts in the local supply chain to get a physical version of your new product concept quickly. We also provide feedback on ease of sourcing and manufacturing, as well as potential issues, so you can improve your design.

We also strongly suggest you read our guide: The New Product Introduction Process Guide for Hardware Startups.”

Why not have a manufacturer do this work, rather than paying for this third-party service?
One alternative option is to look for a manufacturer and to give them this type of work. Typical downsides with Shenzhen suppliers are:

  • Longer lead time, while every day counts for your project to get on the market
  • Sources of materials and components won’t be disclosed
  • Any engineering work will be considered the supplier’s property by default
  • A good manufacturer might have poor development capability, and vice versa

What activities make up the China prototyping solution?
Each project is different, but most require us to:

  • Analyze the initial design and think of potential issues
  • Break it down to the small details, so there is a bill of materials
  • Search and procure those materials, sometimes from overseas (we have an import license)
  • Assemble the product in our own facility
  • Give overall feedback for the designers to prioritize improvement themes
  • Ship the product(s)

What are the typical new product introduction milestones?

You can see how prototype development fits into NPI, and the milestones that we will typically work to, in this graphic:

new product introduction milesones

How is it reported?
A project manager keeps you posted all along on a web-based collaboration software such as Trello or Asana. You get the full bill of materials (list of suppliers, price…). Our engineers and designers give you feedback on the product design, in order to help you reduce risks of mass production not hitting your objectives (quality, cost, or timing). And, of course, you receive your prototype.

How much does it cost?
All depends on the complexity of the product, the ease of buying the parts, and the work involved for assembling them together. Not to mention, the need to develop firmware, tooling, or highly specialized sub-assemblies.

Pricing is generally no less 800 USD for a full product comprising at least 5 parts.

Ready to get started with prototype development?

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Prototyping and product development comparison

If you’re in the process of developing your product and producing prototypes, see a comparison between using Sofeast’s R&D team and your other main alternatives:

  • Hiring your own R&D team
  • Delegating all this to a factory

Hit the button below to take a look:

Protecting your IP

Intellectual property protection is something we take very seriously when developing and manufacturing a new product with clients, so for more information on that read:

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prototype development

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Remember, if you’re interested in getting help with prototyping for your new product, but you’re not sure about something, you can always arrange a free phone consultation with us where we can discuss your situation and work out together what would be best.

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