With our 17+ years as a company and with the rich individual experiences of our people, we provide the know-how that you require to improve your cooperation with Chinese and other Asian suppliers.

We have several teams with a workforce of over 200 people around the world. Meet some of the key members and learn about their backgrounds and experiences here:

Partners and Top Management

renaud anjoran

Renaud Anjoran


Our founder and CEO, Renaud Anjoran, is a recognised expert in quality, reliability, and supply chain issues.

He has worked in purchasing and quality for 15 years in greater China. His main experience has been in electronics, textiles, plastic injection, die casting, eyewear, furniture, oil & gas, and paint.

He is an ASQ-Certified ‘Quality Engineer’, ‘Reliability Engineer’, and ‘Quality Manager’, and a certified ISO 9001, 13485, and 14001 Lead Auditor.

He maintains our popular blog on these topics at QualityInspection.org. He has been quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the Los Angeles Times, Reuters, Business Insider, the South China Morning Post, Quality Progress, Quality Digest, and more.

He’s also a resident expert on the Hardware Academy, a platform providing guidance, training, resources, and networking for entrepreneurs, engineers, startups, and SMEs who are developing and manufacturing new electronic hardware products.

Feel free to connect with Renaud on his LinkedIn page.

fabien gaussorgues

Fabien Gaussorgues


Our COO, Fabien Gaussorgues, has 25 years of engineering and operations management experience, mostly in Fortune 500 groups (Safran, Thales, Nortel, and Airbus).

He developed subsystems that ended in cars, fighter jets, 3G base stations, and in mobile phones to be used in secured and private networks.

Fabien has been in China for 10 years and has managed key suppliers for the Airbus group. His main focus was on the launch of new products (new product introduction).

He launched a supply chain management & engineering company, SAOS, in 2011. From 2014 to 2018, Sofeast and SAOS gradually merged operations to offer an integrated solution for companies that work with China manufacturers.

At Sofeast, he works with new clients on setting the right strategy, from design to manufacturing, and coaches the team in providing the right level of assistance along the way.

Fabien welcomes you to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Robin Guan


Our CFO, Robin Guan, is an electronic engineer with 20 years of experience in product development in Shenzhen.

He started his career as a hardware engineer and as a project leader working on new product introduction, in a large networking equipment manufacturer.

He was then a senior project manager, working on the development and production of various mobile devices, at Hytera Communications for 8 years. (Hytera is a telecommunication devices manufacturer that went public in 2011 and is a world leader in certain markets.)

At Sofeast, Robin is leading the development of our own ERP system, which is tailored to our way of working and is impacting all aspects of our organization internally.

He also provides guidance to the teams based on his past experiences in development and manufacturing, both on the technical side and on the supply chain side.

Finally, Robin helps ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, as our operations become more complex.

Kate Oliynykova

Head of Supply Chain Management

Kate, our head of Supply Chain Management and project management lead, is a proud Ukrainian! She brings more than 10 years of experience working with Chinese and Asian supply chains to our team and has been with us since 2018.

She holds an MSc in international economics and an Executive MBA (from the University of Cumbria in the UK).

Before coming to China she was a logistics and purchasing manager in Ukraine and worked as a fulfillment manager in Singapore, then after arriving in China she was the operations manager of a Taiwanese-American electronics company.

Kate is our go-to for supply chain, logistics, and project management queries, as well as business development. She is based at our Shenzhen head office as well as spending time at our contract manufacturing subsidiary, Agilian Technology, in Dongguan.

Please connect with Kate via her LinkedIn page.

Product Engineering (R&D, Design, and Prototyping) Business Unit

20+ members (Dongguan, China & Hubli, India)

sofeast product R&D team

Get expert assistance to develop and test your new product, in order to get a prototype that validates your product design.

We set this business unit up in 2015 in Shenzhen, but it has since moved to our Dongguan techno center in 2018, and an Indian office was set up in 2022 in Hubli.

Our experienced engineers work with hardware startups and SMEs to provide much-needed support and guidance when getting a new product from the initial design to an approved prototype, where our NPI team takes over.

This team includes engineers who are experts in:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic engineering
  • ‘Design For Manufacturing’ reviews
  • Prototype development
  • CNC machining & 3D printing, for rapid prototyping
  • Product testing with our lab’s equipment

Explore our product engineering solutions and also our in-house prototyping equipment.

Quality Assurance Business Unit

We put systems in place to maintain your product’s quality and inspect it throughout every stage of production.
Sofeast set the QA business unit up in 2006 when we were founded, and it is ISO 9001:2015 accredited by the BSI. Our quality technicians can cover most of Asia (China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, etc) to perform factory audits and product inspections.

Our QA technicians are experts in:

  • Factory audits (quality systems, social compliance practices)
  • Product QC inspections
  • Process audits
  • QA program planning & implementation

Take a look at our QA solutions.

Quality Assurance team

A couple of key QA team members

jack lan

Jack Lan

Mechanical Engineer

One of our senior mechanical engineers, Jack, has been with us in the QA team for 4 years.

He’s widely experienced and has spent many years at some of the world’s largest companies, such as his role as a tooling specialist for 7 years, including 4 years at Samsung and 3 years in an engineering company. He also spent 3 years in faucet factory as a process engineer and another 3 years at Leviton Electronics as supervisor of a plastic injection molding workshop.

Importantly, Jack is trained in ISO 9001, maintenance, and 5S.

wayman zhu

Wayman Zhu

Electronic Engineer

Wayman has been a member of the Quality Assurance team for 3 years.

Before joining us he spent 2 years at Galanz as a quality engineer following microwave and air conditioner production processes. He gained a great deal of experience in 8 years at an engineering firm working for Cisco, Honeywell, GE, and other large companies, mostly performing process audits, component inspections, and first article inspections.

New Product Introduction (NPI) Business Unit

15 members (Dongguan)

New Product Introduction team

Going straight from an approved prototype to mass production is full of risks. Our team helps ensure the product and the process are ready.

Our NPI/new product development team follows a very structured process to remove risks and validate the manufacturing & testing processes.

The team includes engineers and technicians who are experts in:

  • Plan for the next steps, and then manage the project
  • Tooling design & approvals
  • Risk analysis and corrective action plans
  • Testing & inspection plan development, and testing jigs setup
  • Assembly instructions writeup, and assembly fixtures setup
  • Pilot run preparation and monitoring

We describe our NPI solution here.

Fulfillment Business Unit

10 members (Dongguan)

We provide everything you need to receive, store, pack, and ship your products from China to your destination or to customers.

Originally opened in Shenzhen in 2016, our third-party logistics facility covers more than 10,000 Sqm of warehousing space and moved to Dongguan, near Shenzhen and Hong Kong, in 2018.

Our fulfillment business unit handles:

  • Warehousing, consolidation, fulfillment
  • Co-Packing
  • Kitting & assembly
  • Product repair & rework
  • Logistics management
  • E-commerce vendors’ requirements

Learn more about our fulfillment solutions here.


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