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What is 100% inspection, repacking, and shipping?

Your supplier delivers products (usually without final packing) to our facility, we do a 100% inspection of these  products and sort out the ‘bad ones’, we pack them, and we ship them to you.
We can also kit or assemble several components together.

Step 1

We get your information about the job and quote accordingly.

  • Confirmation of overall process to follow
  • Communication of approved sample(s), product specifications, and packing specifications (we can help you set up a QC checklist if needed)
  • Do you need help designing and/or purchasing packaging materials?

Step 2

Your supplier(s) deliver the goods to us.

  • These goods might still be in returnable containers, rather than fully packed.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, suppliers are not allowed to enter our facility. We need work without any interference.
  • We can pack a few pieces and send them to you if needed, to confirm the work to do.

Step 3 (optional)

We do a preliminary random inspection.

It takes place before starting the real job, and we send you a report. If a high proportion of defective goods is detected and you are not in a hurry, we can return the whole batch to the supplier for sorting & rework.

Step 4

We do a 100% inspection of the products and sort defective pieces out.

In cases where getting 100.00% of products to conform to certain specifications, and where visual check can’t be relied upon, we can set up go/no go gauges or checking fixtures.

Step 5 (optional)

We process the products themselves.

We can add branding elements, or batch numbers (for traceability), on each piece. For example, with our laser engraving machine.

Step 6

We pack accepted products.

In general, the goods are shipped out after our work, so they need to be ready for international shipment, as well as complying with any rules (e.g. from distribution centers).

Step 7

Shipment of packed products.

We can let your forwarder manage the shipment, or handle it ourselves.
Return of defective products to supplier(s) – in some situations, we might need to manage claims (for defective products) with them.

Some Chinese suppliers prove themselves incapable of presenting a good batch of products consistently and, in the event that an inspection (performed in their factory) is failed, they never get their act together and fix the issue. Re-inspections are scheduled days (or weeks) later and fail again.

Unfortunately, you might not have the luxury of waiting that long. Many manufacturers know this and will outwait you until you can no longer wait and you instruct them to ship the goods.

We can check your products in our 100% owned subsidiary in South China, for greater control and speed. This subsidiary has a manufacturing scope, so it is able to modify products if needed.

This solution provides the most value if products are made in South China, where our facility is located, and if one of these statements is true:

  • The cost of quality issues is high, and 2-5% of defective goods is not acceptable.
  • The goods’ value is relatively high.
  • You don’t want the supplier(s) to see the packing and/or the labeling, to hide the distribution channel, the brand, and/or the selling price. (Read more about this here).
  • You want a service provider such as Sofeast to be the shipper of record in the Customs’ database.

Yes, we can use our automated optical inspection station as a part of this inspection as it can save some detailed manual work and it catches issues in a more reliable way than humans.
It also records the data so they can be checked later. It takes photos, analyzes them, and records them (with the serial number when there is one).
Here’s our inspection station in place at our facility:

optical inspection station

We send you QC inspection reports, and a project manager sends you emails about progress and difficulties (if any).

Our 3PL provides you with a lot of peace of mind and can handle the fulfillment of your products from South China to around the world. There are a number of benefits you can expect.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on the nature of the work. 100% inspection for simple products can be inexpensive, while complex products and time-consuming packing will raise our quotation.
Please get a quotation based on your specific needs and discuss booking your project by hitting the button below.

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