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Do not purchase any regulated and high-risk products, such as medical supplies needed during the Coronavirus pandemic, without first ensuring the manufacturer provides you with legitimate and relevant certificates and reports. Otherwise, you might be in trouble down the road (high liability).

Our team verifies your supplier’s documentation, such as a CE certificate or NIOSH certification and associated test results, to give you the peace of mind that they’re legitimate and are more likely to produce goods that conform to your requirements.

supplier background check solution

Sofeast’s team reviews your potential supplier’s certificates & test results (for example, certificates that products conform to various safety standards required by your country) and contacts the issuer(s), in order to verify their legitimacy and suitability to fulfil your orders.
This can all be done from the office.

We follow this checklist when verifying supplier certificates:

  • Do they have the appropriate registrations and approvals for the importing country (e.g. US FDA, NIOSH, CE)?
  • Do they have the appropriate certification for exporting COVID-19 medical supplies out of China?
  • Verify those documents on official websites (e.g. this website for US FDA). Note that, in some cases, the notified body doesn’t allow for this type of verification, so we cannot guarantee a result.
  • Do those registrations and approvals show the same company name & address as the business registration (if we have it)?
  • Look in the full test report and point to red flags, such as:
    • Do they mention the right standard and the right device class?
    • Do they include all the important tests such as the BFE test on the filtration of a mask?
    • For CE: is the issuing organization in the list of authorized notified bodies?
  • Do the dates all make sense? For example, a company created last year can’t have certificates in its name with earlier dates.
  • Does the manufacturer hold the license for medical devices, if the product is labeled or declared as medical?

Take a look at a real example report (confidential information has been hidden) we created on a supplier of N95 respirators:

If you have gone ahead with certificate verification, the next step that we recommend is checking supplier legal records. This is where we dig deep into their business’s legitimacy and check existing local-language legal documents about them for accuracy:

If the potential supplier you’re vetting turns out to be unsuitable, and if you are struggling to find an alternative, we can work on listing and screening alternative candidates for you.

We provide you with our New Factory Identification Solution in which we locate and provide the best possible export-ready supplier for your needs.

How much do certificate verification checks cost on a Chinese company?

99 USD per [product & manufacturer] for up to 3 documents and 10 minutes of Q&A.

For jobs above 3 documents, we charge an additional 30 USD per document starting with the 4th document and above.

Lead time: 2 working days. Can be expedited to 1 working day (price doubles).

Notes on pricing:

  • Only 10 minutes of communication time with the supplier and the client is included, so any time above 10 minutes will be billed at 34 USD per hour (in increments of 15 minutes).
  • A certificate and its attached test results count as 2 separate documents.
  • In some cases, we are unable to get a response from the issuing body, and we can’t verify a document. This work is payable nonetheless.
  • We do not guarantee that the documents we based this work on are accurate, true, or meet the buyer’s needs fully. We do not accept any liability on this verification work.

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