At Sofeast we’ve been working with clients who produce electronic products in China for many years, and we have a broad experience in PCB assembly and testing for these products.

What’s a PCB?

PCB Assembly & Testing

Electronic products are controlled by a printed circuit board (PCB) and its components (connectors, capacitors, Bluetooth chipset, etc.). Once the components are soldered onto the PCB, the finished article is called a PCBA.


Issues with PCBs and PCBAs that importers may experience

Poor design of the PCBA schematic and poor component selection can cause many issues down the road: tendency to overheat, ability to pass EMC or FCC testing, inability to fit the board in a smaller casing, etc. Managing the battery (if any) properly is also very important.

Poor manufacturing (wave soldering and SMT, manual soldering…) can lead to many failures — some of which can be caught with standard testing, others that might only manifest months later in the field. Reliability testing (in particular, HASS and HALT) can help detect some of these risks.

PCB Videos

In these videos, we explain the SMT process (when most of the components are soldered onto the bare boards) in a step-by-step fashion and we give many examples of common issues:

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Do you need help with checking the quality of your electronic products?

Sofeast can help. Browse our quality solutions which include factory audits and product inspections which our inspection team carry out on-site in Asia.

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