PCB Prototyping Methods 5 Favorites

Introduction Printed circuit boards need to go through a design and development process, part of which is generating a prototype for testing and debugging which will allow for any issues to be fed back into the design loop to improve … Continue reading

How To Source Scarce Electronic Components

The microchip shortage the world has been experiencing since the Covid pandemic shows signs of easing now we’re in 2023, but the supply chain for certain components, especially some rare electronic components like certain chips, is still rocky. So, with … Continue reading

3D Printed Circuit Boards What They Are & How Fast They're Made

Did you know that printed circuit boards (PCBs) may also be created via 3D printing? 3D printing has transformed the production of a vast array of goods, from toys and household goods to medical gadgets and aerospace components, and it’s … Continue reading

list of pcb manufacturing companies in india

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are an integral part of most of today’s electronics and consumer products, from industrial robots to automobiles to toasters. While many are manufactured in China, there are a growing number of PCB manufacturing companies in … Continue reading

How To Develop A New Laptop?

Sofeast’s COO, Fabien Gaussorgues, recently outlined how to develop a new laptop and gives two options available for importers who want to bring a new laptop to the market.

Do I Need An EMS Supplier In China To Manufacture My Electronic Devices_

If you’re producing large amounts of electronic devices then an EMS supplier in China could be a good option for you in comparison with an OEM or Contract Manufacturer. However, working with an EMS may not always be necessary for … Continue reading

11 Comm11 Common Electronic Product Certification And Compliance Requirementson Electronic Product Certification And Compliance Requirements
Regulatory electronic product certification requirements can present challenges for organizations looking to design, develop and market electrical and electronic products in different countries around the world. As these requirements are primarily focused on particular products, use cases and generally the … Continue reading