My Manufacturer Is Forcing Me To Accept Poor Quality! | Disputes With Chinese Suppliers Q&A (Volume 11)

Sometimes your Chinese supplier will use various dirty tricks to push you into accepting products that don’t reach your quality standard. Why could this happen and what can you do about it? Find out here with a helpful example and … Continue reading

My Supplier Keeps Going Missing, Even When We Have Orders In Progress!

It can be very frustrating when a Chinese supplier isn’t responding to your messages when you have an order that you’ve already paid for in production, have urgent issues to discuss, or simply want to place an additional order. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Disputes with Chinese suppliers Volume 9

As more importers work on switching to sources outside of China, the topic of mold transfer is often a difficult topic. Here’s a good example of an importer who’s trying to move molds to Taiwan and how they could navigate … Continue reading

Disputes with Chinese suppliers Volume 8

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is still with us here in summer 2021 and so there’s still a great interest in purchasing medical devices such as medical-grade nitrile gloves, gowns, and surgical masks from China for use in hospitals and other … Continue reading

Disputes with Chinese suppliers Volume 7

What happens if your Chinese supplier hasn’t kept up their end of the bargain when inspections happen? In this case, what can you do if a supplier hasn’t prepared export packaging for checking or performed a package drop test, leaving … Continue reading

How Can Small Buyers Of Garments Get High Quality From China?

This blog post is about issues with quality from an apparel supplier and is based on a real Sofeast customer’s experiences (with no identifying information given). We’re going to explain how to assure you’ll get high-quality garments from your Chinese … Continue reading

Disputes with Chinese suppliers Volume 4

Q: I’m worried that my sensitive product information won’t be kept confidential when it is sent to component suppliers. How can it be kept secure? Answer: There are legal and non-legal approaches here. Non-Legal: Reducing the amount of information being … Continue reading

Disputes with Chinese suppliers Volume 5

Q: We use a manufacturer in China for our products and packaging and have had a good relationship for years, but recently product and packaging quality has gone downhill. What can we do? We’re supplied by a Hong Kong company … Continue reading

disputes with chinese suppliers

Nearly every week, a few clients come to us for help with various disputes with their Chinese suppliers. We’ll share some of the broad strokes here (no identifying client information included) so you can avoid these issues, too, or at … Continue reading

Disputes with Chinese suppliers Volume 2

In this volume we will address the concerns of importers who are using a Chinese OEM to add a logo to existing products that will then be sold abroad.