product specifications template
Many importers don't organise their product specifications and dealings with suppliers at all well Some importers send information about the product they expect through many different channels: Email threads Skype, WeChat, or QQ conversations In the form of samples or validations of … Continue reading
Checklist for importers who are manufacturing products in China _ low-cost Asia

Many people come to us and ask: “What are the steps we need to take now that we have decided to manufacture our products in China/Vietnam/SE Asia?” While no two manufacturing projects are the same, I’ve tried to distill the … Continue reading

3 Process Improvement Tools Flow Chart, FMEA, Control Plan

Do you wonder why you still suffer from quality issues, even though the process is quite mature and seems to be well understood? Or are you preparing to launch the production of a new product… or production of an existing … Continue reading

How important are laboratory certifications for your made-in-China product_

While developing and manufacturing a new product in China, it is worthwhile trying to get laboratory certifications that demonstrate the safety and compliance of your products. Why? It’s about your liability and about what your customers will think of your … Continue reading

process fmea root cause analysis

Process FMEAs are so useful for businesses who are serious about reducing risk in design or production… and so poorly conducted in China. But before we explain how to conduct yours, just what is a Process FMEA in the first … Continue reading

How To Package Tooling Properly So It Doesn’t Get Damaged Or Rust Unnecessarily Quickly In Transit

We’ve already blogged about the tooling transfer process in China and, as a follow-up, here are our tips on how to package tooling correctly so that it is safe and doesn’t rust unnecessarily quickly in transit.

Coronavirus FAQs & Package Safety Information For Importers

In this article, we’ll give you some information about what the risks of receiving packages from China could be by providing answers to some coronavirus FAQs…

How To Reduce Manufacturing Costs? The Lean Approach

The number one challenge of Chinese suppliers, as revealed by a recent survey, is reducing manufacturing costs. Their costs keep rising, but price competition is stronger and stronger. So how can you reduce costs?

How To Handle Chinese New Year Manufacturing Disruptions_

We’re well into December now and so if you’re importing from China you should be getting ready for the annual Chinese New Year manufacturing disruption. CNY is an inescapable holiday that has wide-reaching effects on everyone, so how can you best handle … Continue reading

10 Nasty Surprises For Small Buyers In China

Be warned, numerous nasty surprises await small buyers in China! But don’t worry, I’ll outline some of the common ones so you can either be prepared to face them or avoid them completely!