Sofeast's Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2021

2021 has been an eventful year, to say the least! Here at Sofeast, we have continued to publish regular blog posts in order to provide advice for everyone who has outsourced manufacturing, supply chains in Asia, new products in development, … Continue reading

How To Reduce Risks As Order Sizes Grow When Working With Chinese Manufacturers

Despite the pandemic’s numerous lockdowns during 2020 and 2021, one positive result has been a boom in sales for a lot of businesses as many consumers have chosen to upgrade electronic, exercise, and home office equipment, furniture, home and kitchenware, … Continue reading

There are a number of different types of printing techniques to choose from when manufacturing your new product. The question is, which printing process fulfills your needs and fits your budget? In order to decide this, we created a free … Continue reading

The Many Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance [Podcast]

Listen to this episode, where Renaud introduces why preventive maintenance is important and shares some examples to help illustrate how it all works and its many benefits. If you’re interested in implementing a preventive maintenance plan of your own, we … Continue reading

How To Dropship From China?

Let’s say you plan to sell consumer electronics online as a dropshipper. There’s an above-average chance that your supplier (the company who produces the products) is in China. The same can be said for fitness equipment, kitchenware, garden furniture, and … Continue reading

How far does an NNN agreement need to go to protect your IP in China?

Not every strong NNN agreement is perfect. For instance, your NNN agreement may seem to be ‘watertight,’ providing excellent protection of your IP, but it may lead to difficulties in working with Chinese suppliers if it’s too strict. Here at … Continue reading

Importing From China_ Manufacturing Issues You Face In January 2021

I caught up with Sofeast’s COO, Fabien Gaussorgues, to discuss supply chain endangering risks importers from China are very likely to face in January 2021. Together we compiled this post based on our observations which includes the issues you face … Continue reading

product specifications template
Many importers don't organise their product specifications and dealings with suppliers at all well Some importers send information about the product they expect through many different channels: Email threads Skype, WeChat, or QQ conversations In the form of samples or validations of … Continue reading
Checklist for importers who are manufacturing products in China _ low-cost Asia

Many people come to us and ask: “What are the steps we need to take now that we have decided to manufacture our products in China/Vietnam/SE Asia?” While no two manufacturing projects are the same, I’ve tried to distill the … Continue reading

3 Process Improvement Tools Flow Chart, FMEA, Control Plan

Do you wonder why you still suffer from quality issues, even though the process is quite mature and seems to be well understood? Or are you preparing to launch the production of a new product… or production of an existing … Continue reading