Would it be Safe to Visit China AFTER Chinese New Year 2023

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Travel To China In 2022 Don't Test Positive!

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China's Covid Lockdowns Impact Manufacturers and Supply Chains

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As we become accustomed to a world with Coronavirus, clients have increasingly asked us for guidance on how long to wear surgical masks and N95 respirators for best performance. While we are not medical professionals, here’s some information that may … Continue reading

How To Get Responses To Inquiries For PPE Products From Chinese Suppliers_ 5 Tips

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How To Work With Sofeast To Obtain & Import Coronavirus Medical Supplies & PPE [FAQs]

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Face Mask Regulations, and China Export Information For Buyers During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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We have seen so many obviously dangerous decisions and communications recently, on the topic of buying face masks from China, that we thought it might be helpful to show a few ‘examples of what to avoid’.

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