Correctly Using Use A Non Disclosure Non Use Non Circumvention Agreement [Podcast]

The main topic is the non-disclosure non-use non-circumvention agreement. These agreements are important legal tools for importers to use if they’re serious about protecting their business interests and product IP. But there are right and wrong ways to use them, so Renaud explains some of the common mistakes made by importers when using NNN agreements for you to avoid.

However, we start this episode by looking at the current Covid situation in China. Despite strict zero-covid policies, there are outbreaks along the East coast in many major manufacturing areas and it’s starting to look difficult, especially with the Winter Olympics and Chinese New Year coming up soon. How are supply chains being affected?


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings & introduction
  • 01:10 – Exploring the worsening Covid situation across China & its effect on supply chains there. 
  • 11:45 – What is a non-disclosure non-use non-circumvention agreement?
  • 18:40 – What do importers often get wrong when drafting and using NNN agreements?
  • 34:46 – Wrapping up. 


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Here at Sofeast, we are not lawyers. What we discussed above is based only on our understanding of the legal requirements. We do not present this information as a basis for you to make decisions, and we do not accept any liability if you do so. Consider consulting a lawyer before making legal decisions.


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