The NPI Process: Trouble Awaits If You Skip Its Stages! [Podcast]

After we hit 10,000 downloads we promised we’d revisit New Product Introduction ~ here we go! We’ve written before about the complexity of the New Product Introduction process, and this can be off-putting for entrepreneurs and SMEs who’re new to bringing their products to market.

But, as you’ll find out in this episode, the NPI process consists of a number of steps that allow you to validate your product and assure that it can be manufactured with the minimum of issues. That means on-time, at your expected level of quality, reliable enough to last the correct amount of time, and on budget.

It can be tempting to skip steps and rush your product into production. In fact, your Chinese manufacturer may well encourage this, but our CEO Renaud and head of NPD (new product development) Andrew re-examine the NPI process and explain why skipping its steps is a dangerous game while highlighting the risks you face if doing so.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings & introduction
  • 01:11 – Looking back at one of our most popular older episodes about the NPI processEpisode 23: Analysing the (NPI) New Product Introduction Process & its Benefits is one of our all-time most popular episodes, and in it, Renaud went through our 6-phase NPI process for bringing your product from concept through to mass production.
  • 02:53 – Today’s focus: The risks of skipping the different NPI phases and rushing into production
  • 04:16 – Concept/Idea & Documenting the requirements
  • 10:05 – Feasibility study/Proof of concept
  • 13:42 – Sourcing key components and materials early
  • 19:40 – Getting feedback on the design before production
  • 24:38 – In-depth testing during pre-production
  • 30:20 – Pilot runs
  • 34:56 – Wrapping up


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