High end electronic cigarettes and vapes

This company had already made several models with Chinese manufacturers and needed to develop a more unique and complex design. Timelines were very tight and the client wanted to minimize the risks of IP leakage.

  • Examples of design improvements we provided: quality improvements on plating (on aluminum casting), improved assembly process for fewer defects and higher efficiency.
  • Time from design to functional prototype: 4 months
  • Applicable certifications for selling in the USA: UL, FCC, FDA
  • Tooling necessary for mass production: testing jigs (functional, dimensional, HASS…)
  • Critical components: lithium polymer battery, cast metal alloy and PVD plating, PCBA and battery management system, borosilicate glass, heating ceramic
  • Minimum order quantity in each color: between 50 and 10,000 pcs
  • Number of assembly workstations: 35
  • Highest sources of risks in assembly: what cannot easily be tested or verified (e.g. pinched wires when closing the casing)
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