Why Is A Pre-Production Sample So Important?

In This Episode… Sofeast’s CEO Renaud and Adrian from the team are discussing why a pre-production sample is so important for obtaining your desired results once your products go into mass production. What are PP samples? How do they evolve … Continue reading

How To Choose Which Product Quality inspection You Need

It’s a must to conduct a product quality inspection on products you’re getting made by a new overseas supplier, or perhaps from a regular supplier who’s manufacturing a new product for the first time. If you can’t be on-site (and … Continue reading

qc trends global sources webinar

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud was recently a panellist on a fireside chat webinar from Global sources where he spoke about QC trends in 2021 and some other key topics that concern importers right now. In case you missed this webinar, here … Continue reading

Vietnam VS China Manufacturers & Digitizing Processes In The Factory [Podcast]

In This Episode… Renaud interviews Greg Fleming, an experienced merchandising and manufacturing operations manager who went from New Zealand to Australia to China and finally is now based in Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam. Greg’s background is mainly in … Continue reading

Chinese Copycats: A Real Problem For Entrepreneurs?

IP protection is always a concern for businesses and entrepreneurs, especially when manufacturing an innovative new product. Chinese copycats, or fast followers, are a threat to your new product and business as these vendors may mobilize quickly to copy and … Continue reading

As you may be aware, many China raw materials are increasing in costs quickly these days. Rising material costs are putting pressure on small manufacturers in China already, and prices are forecast to keep rising this year. We’re tracking the … Continue reading

How To Qualify A Contract Manufacturer Or Component Supplier_ (Best Practices)

We’re often asked how to qualify a contract manufacturer or component supplier. In this episode, Renaud explores the best practices importers could follow when sourcing new manufacturers or suppliers in China, or beyond. This includes sourcing options (who to use), … Continue reading

9 things small importers can't negotiate with suppliers podcast

In This Episode… Renaud is joined by Adrian for a conversation about some of the things that smaller companies who are getting products manufactured abroad either cannot or will have great difficulty negotiating with suppliers in China, Vietnam, or other … Continue reading

How To Choose The Right 3PL Logistics Company?

Do you have trouble getting answers from your freight forwarder when there are issues? Do you even have an account manager with them? Is your current system creaking under the strain? If so, it’s probably time to invest in assistance … Continue reading

ISO 9001 QMS Features, Benefits, & Implementation Tips

In This Episode… Phil Brown, owner of Phil Brown Consultancy, who is an ISO 9001 and 14001 consultant in the UK joins us in this episode of the China manufacturing decoded podcast. Phil talks us through the ISO 9001 QMS, the requirements … Continue reading