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India Gaining Popularity over China as a Near-Shoring and Sourcing Destination

Most importers have been affected by supply chain disruption in recent years. Zero-Covid in China, exploding shipping costs, component shortages, the invasion of Ukraine, political tensions between China and the West, and the impacts of Covid on Western economies causing … Continue reading

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How To Reduce Risks As Your Order Sizes Grow When Working With Chinese Manufacturers?

Despite the pandemic’s numerous lockdowns during 2020 and 2021, one positive result has been a boom in sales for a lot of businesses as many consumers have chosen to upgrade electronic, exercise, and home office equipment, furniture, home and kitchenware, … Continue reading

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How To Find Trustworthy Suppliers In China In 2021

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have had numerous customers who are sourcing new components, materials, and products come to us requesting our help with how to find trustworthy suppliers in China. There are 2 key reasons for … Continue reading

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OEM, ODM, Contract Manufacturers: Which Chinese Supplier To Choose?

By Fabien Gaussorgues, Sofeast COO Do you prefer to work with an OEM or an ODM? What are their pros and cons? And what is a CM? This is particularly important if, as the importer, you want to develop a new … Continue reading

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