How and why should you use Sofeast’s ‘Small Package / Carton Shipping Rates Calculator?’

We’ve created this simple guide to show you how to fill in the calculator, so keep reading to see how easy it is to get quick and clear pricing for your global carton shipping from China.

Watch this quick and easy walkthrough which will show you how to use the small package shipping rate calculator tool


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What does this easy shipping calculator look like?

When you navigate to the page you’ll see the calculator:

small package shipping rates calculator guide step 1

Firstly, we assist businesses or entrepreneurs with managing their logistics from our Dongguan fulfilment facility, which includes warehousing, packing, shipping, and more.

How to fill out the calculator?

1. Enter your values for the 5 fields like so:
small package shipping rates calculator guide step 2

2. Hit the checkbox stating: “I need help with logistics from China” IF you would like to discuss your requirements with your shipping experts. If we can offer you advice or even if you’re able to work with us, we can chat about this with no strings attached. This step is optional.

3. Now that you have entered your package’s dimensions, destination, and weight, hit the blue “Send & Open” button to get your carton shipping pricing.

Now you will see the results based on your entries:
small package shipping rates calculator step 3

4. Now you can see your up-to-date shipping rates! Note, we do update these regularly and you will see specifics like special features, lead time, shipping price, and the vendor checked.

What if you need help with logistics?

You’ll be provided with your results as above, BUT you also have a few more fields to fill which provide us with a way to contact you and some basics about your requirements so we can prepare some notes on how to best advise.
small package shipping rates calculator step 4

5. Fill the fields with your name, email and phone number and a little information about what you’re shipping and in which kind of amount. This will help us to be ready to make useful suggestions. (All of your contact details are kept confidential on our server and are never sold or shared).

6. Finally, hit “Send & Open” again, and you will be emailed a confirmation that we have received your request and will contact you soon!

When you see this message on the screen, you know that your inquiry has been sent to us!

shipping rates calculator end stage

Next steps?

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Any questions or comments?

Just leave a comment to let us know what you think of this carton shipping rates calculator? Were the prices helpful?


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