Use this small package shipping rates calculator to get approximate costs in USD for sending a small package from the Shenzhen/Dongguan area in the PRD, South China, to your choice of global destinations – this is ideal for dropshipping! The cost data is updated regularly.

Please note, Sofeast can provide this shipping from our facility in Dongguan, South China. 

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Sofeast helps you to easily handle your logistics from our Dongguan facility! We receive your goods & components from your Chinese suppliers to our warehouse and pick, pack, and ship to yourself or your clients as and when you need us to.

Get a quotation from us as well as your shipping rates by checking the box below to tell us where to reply to (we'll email you back) and then hit the 'Send and Open' button.

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Who benefits from this package cost calculator?

If you need to understand the costs of carton shipping from China to a variety of global locations will find this calculator very handy as a quick reference guide for up-to-date small package shipping rates.

This carton shipping calculator is ideal for:

  • Dropshippers
  • FBA sellers
  • Vendors who send cartons directly from China

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