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What’s Causing The USA’s Logistics Troubles? [Podcast]

Logistics in the USA in late 2021…where to begin? CNN is calling it ‘a supply chain nightmare,’ USA Today bemoan that “Food prices are going up, gas prices are climbing, and finding that great gift for the holidays might get … Continue reading

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Exploring Why Sea Freight Is So Expensive In Summer ’21 [Podcast]

In This Episode… Renaud is joined this week by global logistics expert Jon Monroe who boasts over 30 years in the logistics industry and has a strong focus on Transpacific trade who shares detailed information about how the sea freight … Continue reading

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China’s Shipping Bottlenecks June 2021 – What It All Means For You

Logistics have been in a mess so far in 2021. You have probably already been affected by delays and cost rises. Let’s review the situation. Chiefly, Covid-19 is at fault, as it caused a double whammy effect: A drop in … Continue reading

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How To Choose The Right 3PL Logistics Company?

Do you have trouble getting answers from your freight forwarder when there are issues? Do you even have an account manager with them? Is your current system creaking under the strain? If so, it’s probably time to invest in assistance … Continue reading

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How To Dropship From China?

Let’s say you plan to sell consumer electronics online as a dropshipper. There’s an above-average chance that your supplier (the company who produces the products) is in China. The same can be said for fitness equipment, kitchenware, garden furniture, and … Continue reading

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Carton Shipping Rates Calculator [User Guide]

How and why should you use Sofeast’s ‘Small Package / Carton Shipping Rates Calculator?’ We’ve created this simple guide to show you how to fill in the calculator, so keep reading to see how easy it is to get quick … Continue reading

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