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Impact of Yemen’s Houthis On Global Shipping in Jan ’24 [Bonus Podcast]

Welcome to our special 200th episode of China Manufacturing Decoded! In this episode, we discuss the impact of the Houthi Yemeni rebels’ attacks on shipping in the Red Sea, and how it may affect your shipping costs and other issues … Continue reading

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Logistics from China in 2023 Update: Good News!

Sofeast’s head of Supply Chain Management, Kate, joins Adrian from the team to explain how the logistics situation for importers shipping goods from China to the West has evolved now that we’re into 2023. During Covid times between 2020-2022, say, … Continue reading

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USA Logistics & Shipping Summer 2022 Update (Feat. Marshall Taplits) [Podcast]

 Marshall Taplits founder of East-Coast 3PL Ship It Done and American logistics and shipping expert joins Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran to update us about the situation in the USA right now in July 2022. Covid, fuel and energy costs, staffing … Continue reading

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What’s Causing The USA’s Logistics Troubles? [Podcast]

Logistics in the USA in late 2021…where to begin? CNN is calling it ‘a supply chain nightmare,’ USA Today bemoan that “Food prices are going up, gas prices are climbing, and finding that great gift for the holidays might get … Continue reading

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Exploring Why Sea Freight Is So Expensive In Summer ’21 [Podcast]

In This Episode… Renaud is joined this week by global logistics expert Jon Monroe who boasts over 30 years in the logistics industry and has a strong focus on Transpacific trade who shares detailed information about how the sea freight … Continue reading

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Importing From China? 6 Risks You Face In January 2021

I caught up with Sofeast’s COO, Fabien Gaussorgues, to discuss supply chain endangering risks importers from China are very likely to face in January 2021. Together we compiled this post based on our observations which includes the issues you face … Continue reading

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Is It Safe To Receive Packages From China? [Coronavirus FAQs]

In this article, we’ll give you some information about what the risks of receiving packages from China could be by providing answers to some coronavirus FAQs…

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