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My Supplier Has Raised Prices Unexpectedly! | Disputes With Chinese Suppliers Q&A (Volume 14)

A common fear that importers have when outsourcing product development and/or manufacturing to Chinese suppliers is that they will suddenly increase prices without warning. After doing months or even years of work to prepare to launch your new product, you … Continue reading

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10 Nasty Surprises For Small Buyers In China

Be warned, numerous nasty surprises await small buyers in China! But don’t worry, I’ll outline some of the common ones so you can either be prepared to face them or avoid them completely!

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5 Tips For Dealing With An Unexpected Price Rise From Your Chinese Supplier

Clients often approach us to help them to find another supplier due to the fact that their current supplier has hit them with an unexpected price rise either when they tried to reorder, or sometimes even during production. Sounds familiar? … Continue reading

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