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How To Conduct Stricter QC Inspections Without Lowering The AQL? (5 Tips)

Buyers often ask us, how to do stricter QC inspections with some of their suppliers in China or Vietnam. There are 5 tips that we can offer if you’re in this situation:

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How Important Are Safety/Compliance Laboratory Certifications For Your Made-In-China Product?

While developing and manufacturing a new product in China, it is worthwhile trying to get laboratory certifications that demonstrate the safety and compliance of your products. Why? It’s about your liability and about what your customers will think of your … Continue reading

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10 Nasty Surprises For Small Buyers In China

Be warned, numerous nasty surprises await small buyers in China! But don’t worry, I’ll outline some of the common ones so you can either be prepared to face them or avoid them completely!

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