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Quality Fade: Silent AND Deadly! [Podcast]

Adrian and Renaud discuss Quality Fade. This bad practice from suppliers sees them put their profits before your product quality, but the big problem is that you may not even know it is happening as it’s a gradual process where … Continue reading

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13 Strategies To Ensure Consistent Product Quality

Adrian and Renaud return for the last podcast of 2023, a bumper episode where they go through 13 quality strategies you can adopt to achieve consistent product quality. They’re roughly split into pre-production and post-production strategies, so settle down and … Continue reading

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Cheap Chinese Suppliers: Beware of those with the Lowest Prices!

If you’ve been sourcing suppliers from China for any length of time you will know that there is a very wide range of pricing options. Cheap Chinese suppliers may be attractive, but with lower prices comes a unique set of … Continue reading

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My Manufacturer Is Forcing Me To Accept Poor Quality! | Disputes With Chinese Suppliers Q&A (Volume 11)

Sometimes your Chinese supplier will use various dirty tricks to push you into accepting products that don’t reach your quality standard. Why could this happen and what can you do about it? Find out here with a helpful example and … Continue reading

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Quality Audits VS Process Audits [Comparison and Pros & Cons]

We’ve been speaking quite a lot about factory audits recently in our podcast mini-series about vetting Chinese suppliers. In particular, let’s compare quality audits vs process audits. Many buyers will send in a quality auditor. There are advantages to this … Continue reading

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