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9 Things Small Importers Can’t Negotiate With Chinese & SE Asian Suppliers [Podcast]

In This Episode… Renaud is joined by Adrian for a conversation about some of the things that smaller companies who are getting products manufactured abroad either cannot or will have great difficulty negotiating with suppliers in China, Vietnam, or other … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Dealing With An Unexpected Price Rise From Your Chinese Supplier

Clients often approach us to help them to find another supplier due to the fact that their current supplier has hit them with an unexpected price rise either when they tried to reorder, or sometimes even during production. Sounds familiar? … Continue reading

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How To Improve Price Negotiation With Chinese Suppliers? [7 Tips]

We are often asked how to improve price negotiation with Chinese suppliers in order to lower purchase costs. Indeed, negotiating a better price from suppliers helps cut costs and, therefore, increases your profits, so it’s a worthwhile activity.

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