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Sofeast’s Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2021

2021 has been an eventful year, to say the least! Here at Sofeast, we have continued to publish regular blog posts in order to provide advice for everyone who has outsourced manufacturing, supply chains in Asia, new products in development, … Continue reading

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My Supplier Keeps Going Missing, Even When We Have Orders In Progress! | Disputes With Chinese Suppliers Q&A (Volume 10)

It can be very frustrating when a Chinese supplier isn’t responding to your messages when you have an order that you’ve already paid for in production, have urgent issues to discuss, or simply want to place an additional order. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Plastic, Silicone, Steel, and Others: Updated China Raw Materials Costs (August ’21)

Here’s an August update to add to our posts on the costs of China raw materials this year (2021) when many importers have been dismayed by rising raw material prices. For this reason, we’re trying to give you some visibility … Continue reading

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Lead Time Reduction Strategies [Podcast]

In This Episode… Our CEO Renaud Anjoran delves into lead time reduction strategies and more with Adrian from the team. We talk about why reducing lead times is an important goal for importers, what benefits you can expect to enjoy, the … Continue reading

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China’s Shipping Bottlenecks June 2021 – What It All Means For You

Logistics have been in a mess so far in 2021. You have probably already been affected by delays and cost rises. Let’s review the situation. Chiefly, Covid-19 is at fault, as it caused a double whammy effect: A drop in … Continue reading

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Importer’s ‘Supply Chain Spring Clean’ Checklist To Find Risks & Opportunities [Podcast]

Got some time on your hands during Chinese New Year while your suppliers are on holiday? In this bumper 43 minute Chinese New Year episode to keep you entertained during the holiday, Renaud & Adrian discuss tasks importers can perform … Continue reading

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Richard Barnett | Electronics Supply Chain Risk Management in 2021 [Podcast]

Let’s hear from an electronics supply chain expert about how to improve supply chain resilience and reduce risks… Richard Barnett of Supplyframe, an expert in electronics supply chains with decades of experience in Asia,  joins Adrian to discuss risk management & reduction … Continue reading

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Could Rising COVID-19 Cases In China Before CNY ‘21 Affect Supply Chains? [Podcast]

What would YOU do if lockdowns in China over Chinese New Year threatened your supply chain..? As cases climb in Northern China there’s a very real threat that tightening restrictions could affect supply chains in China. In this episode, Adrian … Continue reading

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Why The Bill Of Materials (BOM) Is A Key Document For Importers [Podcast]

The Bill Of Materials – more important than you may think! The Bill Of Materials is an incredibly important document which spans the product development process and evolves as you get closer to mass production. It provides all of the … Continue reading

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Is Your Chinese Supplier At Risk Of Bankruptcy?

Some Chinese factories have suffered serious blows recently. Large American companies are moving manufacturing outside of China, often abruptly. Many manufacturers were hit in 2020 by very soft demand and cancelled orders. Their government is becoming more serious in getting … Continue reading

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