What to do if you have recurring quality problems from your factoryRenaud and Adrian discuss the unwelcome scenario of recurring quality problems from your outsourced supplier who’s handling your manufacturing in China. They cover your quality standard, 6 tips on how to handle common recurring quality problems, and several reasons WHY these issues might be happening in the first place.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introducing the topic: What happens if you have repeated quality issues from your manufacturing supplier?
  • 01:57 – YOU need to make sure that the supplier understands your quality standard first.
  • 03:46 – Tip 1. Always inform the supplier clearly how and why they went wrong.
  • 08:18 – Tip 2. Give feedback on issues as early as possible during production.
  • 10:44 – Tip 3. NEVER accept quality lower than your standard, including making an exception.
  • 14:00 – Tip 4. Clearly define your quality standard including critical, major, minor, and non-defects.
  • 22:01 – Tip 5. Set AQL limits (i.e. tolerances for defects) that correspond to your quality standard.
  • 26:09 – Tip 6. Switch to a newer better supplier.
  • 31:46 – Why product design issues could actually be the cause of your troubles.
  • 33:43 – Why poor manufacturing might be the cause.
  • 37:08 – Why your supplier’s suppliers might be the cause.
  • 41:27 – Wrapping up.


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