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What to do if you have recurring quality problems from your factory? [Podcast]

Renaud and Adrian discuss the unwelcome scenario of recurring quality problems from your outsourced supplier who’s handling your manufacturing in China. They cover your quality standard, 6 tips on how to handle common recurring quality problems, and several reasons WHY … Continue reading

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4 Quality Standard Levels You Should Implement To Reduce Risks [Podcast]

Before you start working with a manufacturer are you 100% certain that they fully understand your quality expectations? Do they know whether a particular defect is minor or major? If there’s a slight variation, at what point does it become … Continue reading

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QC Trends In 2021 (+ raw material costs and new product development)

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud was recently a panellist on a fireside chat webinar from Global sources where he spoke about QC trends in 2021 and some other key topics that concern importers right now. In case you missed this webinar, here … Continue reading

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How To Reduce Quality Defects From Chinese Suppliers (4 Principles)

Discovering how to reduce quality defects to almost zero from Chinese suppliers is a common request from our clients who are tired of hearing suppliers say “this is made by hand, so avoiding defects is impossible”. Are you tired of … Continue reading

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