Sofeast's Recommended QA Program For New Electronics

Manufacturing new products is riskier than those which have been in production for some time, that’s true for almost every product type and in particular for electronic products, because there’s just more to go wrong and more that we don’t know about.

Since many of Sofeast’s clients create new electronic devices Renaud and Adrian from the team explore the kind of Quality Assurance program we recommend (and actually follow for our clients) in this episode in order to reduce those many risks and unknowns.

You can use this information to go to your supplier and put in place the QA activities required to control your new product development and production or to check that a local third-party company helping to manage your project is doing the right thing.

Let’s get into what a QA program for new electronics includes…


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings, mentioning Renaud’s recent trip to India to check out component suppliers.
  • 01:55 – Introducing the topic: Why Quality Assurance is particularly important for new electronics with many risks.

Electronics QA Program

  • 07:21 – Activities to do at the start of product development.
  • 20:34 – Activities do when the design is frozen and we’re transferring to manufacturing.
  • 27:49 – Activities to do during mass production.
  • 31:08 – Wrapping up. 


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