10 Mistakes New Buyers Manufacturing In Asia Keep Making

Renaud explains 10 of the biggest mistakes buyers who are new to sourcing from and manufacturing products in Asia keep making. If you know what they are, you can avoid them and enjoy better quality, costs, shorter lead times, and more!


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and talking about the Hong Kong electronics fair in April 2023.
  • 04:53 – Exploring the top mistakes that new buyers make when buying from China and other Asian countries.
  • 05:55 – 1. Always pursuing the lowest price.
  • 12:37 – 2. Agreeing on crazy payment terms with a supplier.
  • 16:16 – 3. You fail to inspect product quality before shipment. 
  • 19:07 – 4. Failing to realize that pre-production samples are selling tools.
  • 21:40 – 5. Not trusting the supplier at all and being obvious about it.
  • 24:47 – 6. Not keeping 2-3 weeks of padding in the shipment schedule.
  • 27:44 – 7. Having no visibility over your supply chain.
  • 29:27 – 8. You forget to describe and document an important product feature or your packaging requirements.
  • 32:47 – 9. Hoping that an unsatisfactory manufacturer will improve over time.
  • 37:45 – 10. Not registering your trademark in China when buying from China.
  • 40:43 – Wrapping up.


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