Agilian How To Switch To A New Chinese Manufacturer And Or Develop A Backup eBook

Our contract manufacturing subsidiary, Agilian Technology which is based just a little north of Shenzhen airport, has just launched this new eBook which guides you through how and why you may want to switch away from your current Chinese manufacturer to a new one.

Also, in case sourcing a new manufacturing partner from scratch isn’t practical, it includes suggestions on how to create and nurture a backup supplier whom you can turn to quickly if you begin having trouble with your current choice.

If you’re tired of your current Chinese manufacturer failing to deliver the products on time, at the right cost, or quality, too, then it may be time to make the change. This eBook shows you how!

Agilian How To Switch To A New Chinese Manufacturer And Or Develop A Backup

Do you need this eBook?

If you are currently using a Chinese manufacturer to supply your products it makes good business sense to be prepared to move to a new manufacturer if you start to have problems. This eBook will help you prepare.


Surely switching from one manufacturer to another is a lot of trouble?

Switching has its risks, such as your current supplier refusing to hand over your tooling. However, how difficult the process depends a great deal on how your relationship with the supplier is set up.

A key question is whether you signed a legally enforceable Chinese manufacturing agreement? If so, this will reduce the risks of your manufacturer ‘misbehaving’, and we’ve got a whole section in the eBook that deals with supplier management in terms of agreements, IP ownership, and more.

If you have a secure relationship with your current supplier and are equipped to do proper due diligence on your new options, there’s no reason to delay switching once you’ve found a more suitable manufacturer to supply you. After reading this eBook, you will see that it’s far more damaging to your business to stay with a manufacturer who isn’t delivering than to go through the process of switching.


What’s in the eBook?

Here are the various chapters of the eBook:

  1. Introduction – learn why switching to a new supplier can be a valuable activity.
  2. 7 Reasons that show it’s time to switch suppliers – these are the red flags that hopefully you won’t see from your manufacturer. But if you do…
  3. How to plan to source a new supplier and make the switch – here you’ll explore some of the key knowledge you’ll need to plan and execute your move, including the role of IP ownership, manufacturing agreements, how to source a great new manufacturer, transferring tooling, and more.
  4. A thorough checklist (we use this process ourselves with customers) to help guide you through the process of switching from old to the new supplier – covers all the technical details that need to be handled during the switch, an example of this is assuring you have obtained the engineering design files required for custom components from your old supplier before leaving them.
  5. How to safely transfer tooling between old and new supplier – tooling is one of the more expensive pieces of equipment you have and in order to reduce costs and delays you can follow this guidance which explains how to securely remove it from your old supplier and deliver it to the new one without a hitch.
  6. How and why to develop a backup supplier – there’s no need to source a new manufacturer from scratch. Some importers choose to develop a backup and keep them up-to-speed with occasional smaller orders so they can step in if anything happens with your ‘main’ manufacturer. This section covers how to do this.


How do I get a copy?

To get your copy just hit this link and fill out the form on the page you go to (note, you will be directed Agilian’s website).

This video from Agilian explains how to go through the process to download your eBook.


Dissatisfied with your manufacturer? Read this eBook and get one step closer to a solution

You don’t need to put up with quality problems, unauthorized subcontracting, shoddy treatment of your IP, late deliveries, unexpected and unwelcome price rises, and more, which are all red flags that your manufacturer isn’t reaching

Fabien and Renaud (Agilian/Sofeast CEOs) have decades in dealing with Chinese suppliers and manufacturing in China for various customers, and this eBook shares their insight and experience with you by explaining why you will benefit from switching and how to make the transition smoothly.

Agilian How To Switch To A New Chinese Manufacturer And Or Develop A Backup

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