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Do you need a sourcing agent to buy from China?

Adrian and Renaud chat about whether hiring a sourcing agent is necessary for businesses who want to purchase products from China. They also discuss the different options, such as doing the sourcing work yourself, and their pros and cons.   … Continue reading

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Sourcing & Manufacturing In China For E-Commerce Sellers [Interview By Proboxx]

Our CEO Renaud was recently interviewed on Proboxx‘s YouTube channel about sourcing and manufacturing in China. They’re a company that helps sellers manage logistics. We’re grateful for the invite! 馃槈 Specifically, he shares some advice for Amazon resellers and new … Continue reading

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10 Mistakes New Buyers Manufacturing In Asia Keep Making

Renaud explains 10 of the biggest mistakes buyers who are new to sourcing from and manufacturing products in Asia keep making. If you know what they are, you can avoid them and enjoy better quality, costs, shorter lead times, and … Continue reading

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Can Getting To Market First Stop Copycats? [Podcast]

A recent China Law Blog article outlined why getting to market first with your new product isn’t great protection against copycats these days, especially if corners have been cut in the name of speed. Some entrepreneurs believe that skipping IP … Continue reading

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Do You Really Need A Sourcing Agent in China Or Can You Do It Yourself?

If you’re new to sourcing products from China, you may be wondering if you really need the assistance of a sourcing agent or whether to go it alone and do it yourself. How hard can it be, right?

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