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My Supplier uses Covid as an Excuse to Prevent Inspections of my Products! | Disputes With Chinese Suppliers Q&A (Volume 19)

Now that Zero Covid has been scrapped in China we’re seeing an accelerating number of cases around the country. Covid restrictions have been mainly dropped and freedom of movement is allowed around the country, so these days on-site inspections can … Continue reading

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How Blending Off-site & On-site QA Activities Helps You Reach Your Objectives

QA activities, like supplier evaluations and product inspections, can take place both on and off-site today and the optimal approach is sometimes a blend of both. For example, most importers are familiar with an auditor going to their supplier’s factory … Continue reading

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How To Choose Which Product Quality inspection You Need?

It’s a must to conduct a product quality inspection on products you’re getting made by a new overseas supplier, or perhaps from a regular supplier who’s manufacturing a new product for the first time. If you can’t be on-site, using … Continue reading

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6 Advantages Of Conducting An Off-Site Product Inspection

Most product inspections take place at your supplier’s factory which makes sense as that’s where the products are being made, allowing a QC inspector to go in there and check during production, for example. But there are times when you … Continue reading

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