Adrian and Renaud are back to examine the recent May 14th news of new China tariffs being implemented by the Biden administration with the overall aim of reducing trade with China which many in America see as flooding the market with cheap exports that damage American businesses who can’t compete. EVs, solar panels, medical devices, steel and aluminum, and more are in the firing line. So, how does this affect US importers and the relationship between the two giants? Let’s find out…


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introduction
  • 03:26 – When did China tariffs start being used?
  • 09:46 – Why add more tariffs now?
  • 16:20 – What does China have to say in response to this?
  • 20:45 – Which products and materials have been given these tariffs?
  • 29:51 – The USA’s target areas for improvement.
  • 33:06 – Will Chinese companies find other customers instead?
  • 36:36 – If you’re an American buyer likely to be affected by these tariffs, what can you do?
  • 39:51 – Wrapping up.


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