”Enterprise China” - China’s Strategy for Economic Success (Author Interview with Drs. Allen J. Morrison & J. Stewart Black)Dr. Allen J. Morrison & Dr. J. Stewart Black are two American leadership, strategy, business and manufacturing experts with decades of experience in China. They recently wrote a new book “Enterprise China: Adopting a Competitive Strategy for Business Success” which was released on December 1st 2022.

We sat down with them to talk about the strategies that China uses for economic success (or even domination) that you’ll learn about in the book. This is important for businesses who sell into the Chinese domestic market because you’ll get an insight into what you’re up against (it’s a formidable opponent), or for importers who sell around the world and are coming under fire from Chinese competitors because you’ll get some approaches that could help you compete or win.

Renaud and the authors also dive into risk analysis and risk mitigation for companies buying products from China…after all, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about a Chinese supply chain these days.


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Listen: ”Enterprise China” book – China’s Strategy for Economic Success | Interview with authors Dr. Allen J. Morrison & Dr. J. Stewart Black


Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings & introduction of today’s guests.
  • 02:02 – What is ‘Enterprise China’ about?
  • 03:27 – China’s 3-pillar strategy to succeed economically.
  • There are 3 strategic pillars to China’s strategy for success.
  1. Reducing (or eliminating) their external dependency on importing key technology (03:39)
  2. Dominate domestically (06:00)
  3. Winning globally (17:23)
  • 20:55 – Why Western companies seeking growth by looking to the emerging markets may be too late in some cases.
  • 23:44 – How should companies who buy from China do their risk analysis when considering diversifying supply chains to include other sources other than just China?
  • 31:21 – How about a Zero-China strategy?
  • 34:53 – Talking about the book ‘Enterprise China,’ when it’s on sale, and where it can be purchased from.
  • 36:00 – Wrapping up.


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