What Quality Inspections & Factory Audits Do Sofeast Offer?

For anyone who needs to organise inspections soon and is interested in learning more about our range of product quality inspections, I wrote this description along with some key points:

Product quality inspections

If you need to check the quality of finished products, we suggest:

  • Final Random Inspection (FRI) – one of our most popular inspections, checks are conducted on a random set of samples, usually based on the ISO 2859-1 standard, and you end up with results which help you to accept or reject the batch.
  • Full Production Check (FPC) – 100% of the pieces are checked which can be suitable when there are doubts over a supplier’s ability to produce a full batch of products that reach your requirements or you’re having sensitive or high-value products made, for instance.


If you want us to check quality earlier (during the manufacturing process), we can do:

  • Inspection During Production (DPI) – typically 1 day on site, on a random set of samples or maybe on everything that is ready at that time allowing you to solve any issues found early on.
  • Production Monitoring & Reporting (PMR) – our quality technician typically spends several days at your supplier’s factory, focusing on their understanding of your quality standard, production quality (can include process controls etc. if clearly specified), and also on production progress.


If you are worried they might load the goods incorrectly, in the wrong quantity, etc., we provide:

  • Packing & Loading Supervision (PLS) – our technician confirms the order quantity, packaging, and loading method is correct, giving you peace of mind that your supplier is shipping the correct goods safely.
    Note that we usually do not check product quality in a PLS and we don’t have the authority to stop a shipment in case we find issues.


What happens when we get started on product inspections with Sofeast?

We’ll typically follow these steps and timeline:

product inspection steps and timeline


What do Sofeast’s product inspections cost?

We keep our pricing transparent and simple, and you can see it on every page, we charge 299 USD per man-day in major areas of China, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh (and extra travel expenses apply in other places).

The price is the same for all the above-mentioned inspections.


How to book an inspection?

Once you have selected the inspection you require, you will need to use our simple booking system to organize your inspection.

You first need to create your company’s private account here.
Then, you need to log in at https://sofeast-booking.com, select the right service, and fill out the form.

It is all explained in How To Use Sofeast’s Booking System For Product Inspections.


Factory audits

If you want to know about a factory’s quality system and about the processes they follow in-house, we offer a number of 1-day audits (and we can perform several of these on the same factory if that suits you):

  • Initial Factory Evaluation (IFE) – a general overview covering the basics, at a lower price point of 279 USD per man-day in major areas of China (and extra travel expenses apply in other places).
  • Quality System Audit (QSA) – our most popular factory audit which is similar to, but more in-depth than the IFE. Charged at 495 USD per man-day in the areas close to our auditors in China (and extra travel expenses apply in other places).
  • Blended Systems Audit (BSA) – blends some checkpoints about quality and some about social compliance (not very in-depth, due to the breadth of the scope). Charged at 495 USD per man-day in the areas close to our auditors in China (and extra travel expenses apply in other places).
  • Process Management Audit (PMA) – goes into more technical aspects such as process controls, equipment setup and maintenance, etc. Typically more expensive.


If you are worried about social compliance, we also offer a 1-day audit:

  • Social Compliance Audit (SCA) – based on local law and, loosely, on SA8000, this audit focuses on safety, respect of the environment, and legal compliance. Good for businesses who have to keep tabs on the social compliance of their suppliers.


If you are worried one of your factories may not be ready, or may not have the required capacity, we can do this:

  • Readiness & Capacity Audit (RCA) – we developed this when COVID 19 struck and buyers wanted to know which factories could restart soon. Contact us to discuss this.


Due diligence on suppliers (without going on site – often a good complement to a factory audit):

  • Legal Records Check (LRC) – basic due diligence on a company. Possible in mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam. Just 99 USD with results in 2 working days, so it’s good for quickly putting your mind at rest about a potential supplier’s legitimacy.
  • Supplier Background Check (SBC) – more detailed than the LRC. Includes a thorough investigation into the supplier’s reputation, PO and logistics, attitude, transparency, and technological knowledge, certifications, and much more. Charged at 199 USD with results back to you in 5 working days + a follow-up 30-minute phone consultation to discuss, if needed.
  • Certificate/Report Verification (CRV) – confirms that a certificate, test result, or report about a product is authentic which can also reduce worries you may have about if a manufacturer is trustworthy. Costs 99 USD per for up to 3 documents + 10 minutes of phone Q&A if needed.


Other relevant quality assurance solutions

These are some of the other types of solutions our Quality Assurance department often provides to customers, too.

We can receive sample(s), check them, and use them as a basis for a checklist:

  • Product Sample Review (PSR) – we do an inspection, but on just 1 (or a few) sample(s) in our office.
  • Product Checklist Definition (PCD) – we suggest a checklist for your product, so you can send it to your supplier in order to establish a standard.


Any questions about which product inspections or audits may be suitable for you?

If you’re unsure which solution is best for your needs, we’re here to help. The best thing to do is contact us and ask for some assistance. We’ll give you some advice based on your circumstances!

About Renaud Anjoran

Our founder and CEO, Renaud Anjoran, is a recognised expert in quality, reliability, and supply chain issues. He is also an ASQ-Certified ‘Quality Engineer’, ‘Reliability Engineer’, and ‘Quality Manager’, and a certified ISO 9001, 13485, and 14001 Lead Auditor.

His key experiences are in electronics, textiles, plastic injection, die casting, eyewear, furniture, oil & gas, and paint.

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