7 Signs That Your Chinese Factory Is Poorly Managed [Infographic]

A poorly managed factory in China can cause you lots of problems. No matter if it’s your own factory or that of your supplier, these red flags spell danger for your business.

So, what are the 7 telltale signs that your factory-management is letting down the side? Take a look at this infographic…


Here are the 7 signs that your Chinese factory is poorly managed

Are you seeing any of these signs in your or your supplier’s factory? That’s not a good thing…

7 signs that a china factory is poorly managed sofeast

So, which of these have you experienced?

  1. Lack of focus on business from the boss
  2. The GM has no real authority
  3. Factory managers can’t answer simple questions about how things should function
  4. The factory is not clean or organized
  5. Production supervisors spending too much time in the office away from the shop floor
  6. Private offices negatively affecting communication and coordination
  7. A lack of planning and examining statistics in order to improve

If you have seen any of these occurring it’s possibly time to consider switching to a new manufacturer. But this can be a risky operation because your current supplier may try to harm your business by copying and selling your products if they know you’re leaving or, at least, make things very awkward for you such as not giving up your property like molds, for example.

So, is making a change worth the risk? It depends on if the relationship is salvageable by pushing the supplier to make positive changes, or if it’s so bad that you really need to find an alternative.


So, is it time to switch manufacturer?

Before diving in it’s important to assess the situation. If you’re having issues with a supplier, take this assessment from our contract manufacturing subsidiary: Agilian Technology. By answering a few questions you’ll get a good picture of if your supplier is acceptable and be provided with tailored advice based on your unique situation!

switch chinese manufacturer assessment

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