Renaud hosts this episode on the EU’s forthcoming directive on product liability which should get you nervous if you sell into Europe.

Compliance expert Clive Greenwood and renowned legal and compliance expert Prof. Simon Choi join us today to discuss this proposal for a new version of the directive on this topic.


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Our guests today:

  • Clive Greenwood, compliance counsel at Liangma Law Firm in Shenzhen, originally from the UK. Clive has been on this podcast a number of times. He has 30 years of quality assurance and compliance experience, with a special focus on EU compliance laws.
  • Prof Simon Choi has more than 30 years of international management experience. He is a senior lawyer in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. He graduated from Peking University, University College London and the University of Hong Kong Law School. He serves as an independent director of many listed companies and has extensive legal education and practical experience around the world. He once served as the global legal director of TCL and led TCL towards internationalization for nearly ten years. In 2013, he was appointed as a co-professor of the School of Law at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.


Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introducing today’s topic.
  • 04:23 – What is the intent of the directive?
  • 06:53 – What does this directive change for economic operators on the distribution and retail side of things?
  • 12:47 – Transparency in the supply chain.
  • 16:56 – Even if a factory in, say, China can now be held liable for product problems as a supply chain actor under this new legislation, realistically, can an importer obtain compensation from them?
  • 24:47 – How the burden of proof for manufacturers is changing.
  • 28:45 – Product labelling must make it easier for any parties, especially consumers, to bring a case against a product’s seller.
  • 32:50 – Foreign manufacturers are going to be under a lot of pressure to change the way they do things.
  • 34:02 – Why the product safety’s burden of proof is on the party who brings the product into the EU.
  • 37:17 – Will this directive even be possible to enforce in manufacturing in China?
  • 39:38 – Wrapping up.


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