Exploring Product Safety & Reliability Issue Liability [Podcast]Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined by two guests, Clive Greenwood and Andrew Wilson of WWMG associates to discuss the topic of liability for product safety issues. There’s commonly a disconnect between Chinese manufacturers and their foreign customers over who is liable for any problems, such as consumer injury, caused by the products that they worked on. It depends on a number of things, such as who has the design authority and who issues the design specifications, etc.

If you are importing products you really need to have a handle on liability, as the consequences could be extremely costly and uncomfortable.

The panel aim to get to the bottom of it here…


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 Introduction. 
  • 01:26 – When an American company, for example, works with a Chinese manufacturer to develop a new product, what do they expect the manufacturer to tell them? 
  • 05:00 – Product liability laws in the US & EU. 
  • 07:53 – How ‘design authority’ can be used to attribute liability.  
  • 12:09 – Post-DFMEA liability. 
  • 15:43 – Why letting your Chinese manufacturer ‘help’ develop a product could be a big mistake. 
  • 21:13 – Compliance for medical devices/products. 
  • 24:01 – Action items for companies who’re designing a general consumer product to be manufactured in China. 
  • 31:58 – Product safety. What do we need to consider? 
  • 38:29 – Conclusion. 
  • 40:49 – Wrapping up.


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