Adrian hosts and Renaud joins to offer some cautionary advice about working with ‘the cheapest Chinese supplier’ with a focus on relatively ordinary consumer and electronic products. What might sound like a good deal could actually land you in hot water. Here’s why…


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introduction: Should we be wary of choosing the cheapest supplier?
  • 05:35 – Warning signs from cheap suppliers.
  • 09:54 – Do lowest prices = a stable relationship for the mid to long-term?
  • 15:18 – Does a manufacturing contract protect you from the supplier making changes due to not being able to afford to honor low prices?
  • 17:55 – What type of factory are you even dealing with?
  • 24:36 – An example quote for very low-cost plastic injection mold tooling and the problems you might face in future if you accept.
  • 27:23 – Avoiding the cheapest options and doing due diligence is a must for certain product types.
  • 29:21 – What can go wrong when you work with a cheap/bad supplier?
  • 33:47 – Is it really impossible to get a small factory to do a good job?
  • 39:18 – Wrapping up.


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