Review Of 2021's Top China Manufacturing Stories [Podcast]Firstly, we wish all of our listeners a very happy new year!

In this episode, Sofeast CEO and host Renaud recaps some of 2021’s biggest stories for manufacturers, especially those with Chinese supply chains, with Adrian from the team.

Almost everyone has been affected by Covid in one way or another in 2021, and many businesses have found it hard going due to material cost rises, long shipping delays and high costs, localized lockdowns disrupting supply, and more. Rocky relations between China and the West aren’t helping, either. Renaud gives his thoughts on these stories and more and predicts what we can expect in 2022.

We also review some of Sofeast’s different business units’ activities and achievements during 2021 and lift the lid on some of our plans for next year, so you can get an understanding of what we do. 

Finally, we remind you about our top 5 podcast episodes from 2021 (and provide the links so you can listen again) and suggest some of the best content we’ve created this year, such as an IP protection guide and some great white papers, that you may have missed.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – New Year Greetings
  • 01:25 – Covid 19. 
  • 03:48 – The supply chain crisis. 
  • 05:04 – Just-in-time being replaced by just-in-case. 
  • 07:13 – Tensions between China and other countries. 
  • 09:56 – Diversifying supply chains out of China. 
  • 13:59 – The ‘exodus’ of manufacturers from China. Real, or over-hyped?
  • 17:02 – Predictions for 2022? 
  • 22:00 – What has Sofeast been up to in 2021? 
  • 31:56 – 5 top episodes of the podcast in 2021. These 5 episodes were the most popular with you all this year.
  1. Jon Monroe | How Did Sea Freight End Up In Such An Expensive Mess In 2021?
  2. 3 Quality Control Plans & Why They’re Needed BEFORE Production
  3. The Many Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance
  4. Analysing the (NPI) New Product Introduction Process & its Benefits
  5. Manufacture in China, Vietnam, India, or Elsewhere in 2021?


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