Manufacturers continue to plan the move of some or all of their supply chains out of China? But where next?

Perhaps the word ‘exodus’ is a little over-dramatic, but there has certainly been a marked rise in companies trying to diversify their manufacturing operations away from China alone since around 2018. One reason is the US/China trade war and the punitive tariffs imposed by the US government on some ‘Made-In-China’ goods, but we can’t discount the coronavirus pandemic, as the manufacturing shutdown in Spring 2020 sent shockwaves through the industry and really hurt many companies who were unable to get their products or components from China.

Manufacture in China, Vietnam, India, or Elsewhere in 2021 So how about your business? If you’re manufacturing in China right now, is moving some operations to another country, perhaps in SE Asia, or India, part of your plan for 2021 and beyond?

This is what Renaud explores in this episode, the final episode of 2020! So listen and learn about the situation in China, other local countries, and why ‘leaving China’ may not be as easy or realistic as the media seem to make it appear.


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Here’s a summary of key sections of this episode:

What has caused some companies to move operations away from China in recent years.

Is the trend of moving supply chains out of China still realistic and ongoing? 

✅ What challenges do smaller companies face when trying to make the switch? 

✅ Why companies who have designed and developed their own products are at an advantage. 

✅ Is it possible to do assembly AND get components in Vietnam? 

✅ Foxconn’s new Apple plant in Northern Vietnam. 

✅ Is assembly and packing done in SE Asia a way to circumvent US tariffs? 

✅ Has India benefited from companies moving out of China yet? 

✅ What does a Biden presidency mean for American companies? 

✅ How have Chinese exports to the US and other countries started booming in 2020 due to the pandemic?

✅ How are logistics coping in late 2020 due to the boom in China?

✅ Are non-American companies also trying to move away from China? If so, why?

✅ If your business sells in the China market, is it wise to move operations out of China?


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Have you already moved some manufacturing out of China? Is it in your plan for 2021 or beyond?

Let us know your experiences by leaving a comment, please.


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