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Where is Chinese manufacturing capacity being relocated to in the Asia Pacific in 2023?

If we said that nothing is changing when it comes to outsourcing manufacturing to suppliers in China we wouldn’t be being entirely truthful. Now that the Covid pandemic is in the past, businesses are starting to look at where their … Continue reading

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Further confirmation that India’s exports to North America are booming

A fairly recent Journal of Commerce article titled: “Cheaper than China: India–US trade surges as sourcing slowly shifts away from China,” gives us even more confirmation that exports from the Subcontinent to North America are booming to China’s cost.

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List of Packaging Companies In India (15 choices)

China is hard to compete with when sourcing suppliers for all kinds of products, however, India is an emerging option for products and services that China used to corner the market in such as PCBs and plastic injection molding. For … Continue reading

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List of PCB Manufacturing Companies in India

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are an integral part of most of today’s electronics and consumer products, from industrial robots to automobiles to toasters. While many are manufactured in China, there are a growing number of PCB manufacturing companies in … Continue reading

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Manufacture in China, Vietnam, India, or Elsewhere in 2021? [Podcast]

Manufacturers continue to plan the move of some or all of their supply chains out of China? But where next? Perhaps the word ‘exodus’ is a little over-dramatic, but there has certainly been a marked rise in companies trying to … Continue reading

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