The Many Benefits Of Preventive Maintenance [Podcast]

Listen to this episode, where Renaud introduces why preventive maintenance is important and shares some examples to help illustrate how it all works and its many benefits. If you’re interested in implementing a preventive maintenance plan of your own, we also provide a free template that you can download and work from, too.

Preventive maintenance plan?

A plan for maintaining equipment/machinery preventatively eases the smooth running of operations by using scheduled activities to maintain and repair equipment to keep it in great condition and replace parts before they become a problem.

reactive maintenance problems

The alternative is allowing equipment to break down and then scrambling to repair it before it causes too much trouble (there’s a lot more on the problems this ‘reactive maintenance’ causes in the episode). 🔥


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🎧 Preventive Maintenance And Its Many Benefits 🎧

Here’s a summary of key sections of this episode:

✅ What do ‘bad factories’ do regarding equipment maintenance? (hint: don’t follow this example)

✅ Introduction to what preventive maintenance and why it is important

✅ How PM and 5S overlap

✅ Is it expensive to implement preventative maintenance in comparison to repairing equipment as and when it breaks down?

✅ Examples of PM to help you visualize how it’s used

✅ Will there be challenges and pushback when trying to implement a preventive maintenance plan?

✅ Why an increase in automation in factories makes PM more important than ever

✅ Listing PM’s numerous benefits


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Is preventive maintenance important for your business? How do you utilize it now? Are you interested in implementing it soon? Let us know by leaving a comment, please.


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