How A DFQ Review Designs Quality INTO Your Product At An Early Stage [Podcast]What if you could reduce the chances of quality problems long before your product goes into production? A DFQ review can help you achieve this!


What is DFQ?

Design For Quality is where we review a number of factors that affect quality at the early stages of the new product introduction process, so that’s your concept and prototypes.

Not every Chinese manufacturer will do this, and while it may be tempting to power through to production to get to market, it’s risky to do so (could your company afford a lawsuit from end-users who were injured by a defect you didn’t see coming?). But as Renaud explains in this episode of the podcast, DFQ reviews are really important to reduce delays, costs, scrap, rework, compliance, customer safety, and more.

Your team will take into account factors like mistake-proofing production processes, leaving no stone unturned to anticipate and identify possible problems in the design, reducing reliance on custom parts that are hard to source, and more, but we’ll get into all of this in the episode and, hopefully, you’ll see how useful DFQ is for optimizing your product’s quality!


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🎧 The Concept Of ‘Design For Quality’ (DFQ) 🎧

Here’s a summary of key sections of this episode:

✅ Why is the design stage of the new product introduction process so important?
✅ A DFQ review often happens before you invest in the tooling. Here’s why…
✅ Design changes are quick and cheap at the concept stage, but later on, are an expensive problem
✅ What are the principles in DFQ that we follow when reviewing our product and its design?
✅ Some common mistakes that cause poor-quality products
✅ Some examples of how DFQ reviews have improved products before they went into production


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