Logistics from China in 2023 Update Good News!Sofeast’s head of Supply Chain Management, Kate, joins Adrian from the team to explain how the logistics situation for importers shipping goods from China to the West has evolved now that we’re into 2023.

During Covid times between 2020-2022, say, the costs and shipping times exploded to almost unsustainable levels for many importers, but in January 2023 we’re largely seeing a return to normality which is good news! But how has it improved and what challenges do we still see out there? Find out here…


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – New year’s greetings, introducing Kate, and introducing today’s topic: changes in logistics from China to the West since 2021 and looking ahead into 2023.
  • 01:16 – What is China’s Covid epidemic like right now in early Jan ’23 and how is it affecting importers?
  • 07:36 – What is the current situation in logistics from China now?
  • 13:37 – What logistics challenges are we facing now in early 2023?
  • 21:31 – Looking ahead into 2023.
  • 24:56 – Wrapping up.


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