How To Get Good Manufacturing Performance? [Podcast]

Our host and CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined again in this episode by Andrew Amirnovin, our head of New Product Development at Sofeast, to discuss the 3 elements a factory (yours or your supplier’s) needs to get right in order for you to get good manufacturing performance.

In general, we define good manufacturing performance as being good product quality at the costs we expect, delivered on time, and safe to be sold on our markets. 

As you may imagine, getting this result is no simple task! So Renaud and Andrew paint a very detailed picture about what needs to happen in the factory to obtain these results and provide some tips from their decades of experience that will help you assess your factory or outsourced manufacturer in order to decide if you need to make changes.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings & introducing Andrew
  • 01:50 – Explaining today’s topic – the elements needed for good manufacturing performance.
  • 03:45 – A quick overview of the 3 elements: An effective management system, manufacturing processes under control, and well-designed products properly transferred to manufacturing.
  • 05:49 – 1. The management system.
  • 19:36 – 2. Running manufacturing processes following best practices.
  • 29:00 – 3. Well-designed products that are properly transferred to manufacturing.
  • 44:07 – Conclusion: What you need in place to have good manufacturing.
  • 45:19 – Wrapping up


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Renaud explains the 3 elements further in this video, too:


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