6 E-Commerce Trends Affecting Online Sellers In Late 2021East-Coast supply chain, e-commerce sales, and logistics expert, Marshall Taplits founder of 3PL Ship It Done, is back on the podcast again to discuss six important e-commerce trends affecting online retailers with a focus on Amazon and the USA. You may remember him from a very popular recent episode on why the American supply chain has been crumbling in 2021,

He shares his deep experience of selling on Amazon and supporting those that do with his warehouse and logistics operation to provide warnings about the costs and how Amazon may not always provide the most level of playing fields. He also shares some interesting advice on how to build up your own online presence and e-commerce store so you can take back control from the big platforms!


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings & introducing Marshall Taplits & Ship It Done
  • 02:10 – TREND 1: The share of products being sold by e-commerce is increasing. 
  • 06:17 – Does e-commerce’s market share seem unlikely to go down now? 
  • 09:03 – TREND 2: E-commerce sellers going ‘omnichannel’ to reduce reliance on just one platform, such as Amazon. 
  • 15:44 – Is FBM or FBA cheaper/preferable for Amazon vendors? 
  • 19:34 – How Amazon are making a killing from FBA. 
  • 21:24 – Are Amazon starting to become another UPS or FedEx? 
  • 24:31 – TREND 3: Companies are paying more attention to being eco-friendly. 
  • 29:08 – TREND 4: Augmented reality being used to improve how shoppers can visualize products on e-commerce. 
  • 31:43 – TREND 5: Amazon competing against its own resellers. 
  • 34:39 – TREND 6: Compliance checks hotting up.
  • 38:37 – Wrapping up


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