Apple's recipe for Chinese supply chain and manufacturing success, but are they too reliant on China [Podcast]

Renaud and Adrian explore how Apple built a successful Chinese supply chain, how they control bringing new products to market, and whether its ‘reliance’ on China might be a double-edged sword. Their ‘best practices’ could benefit SMEs who are also developing and manufacturing new products in China and Asia, so let’s see how Apple gets it right.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings.
  • 01:20 – The topic: A focus on Apple. How they built a successful supply chain in China, and whether are they too reliant on China now.
  • 04:00 – “I want to make a product with Apple’s quality and design.” Realistic?
  • 08:06 – Finding new suppliers to keep the pressure on their supply chain and get the best deal possible.
  • 11:26 – Apple has 15k of their own staff in China. What does this mean?
  • 17:47 – Apple may not own the factories, but they do own a lot of the equipment. Why?
  • 23:32 – They get sub-suppliers to commit to building custom parts just for Apple in large quantities.
  • 27:27 – The benefits of using CMs like Foxconn.
  • 29:29 – Giving away too much control and technical know-how is not the Apple way.
  • 35:27 – Apple’s attempts to diversify supply chains into Vietnam and India.
  • 40:07 – Will/should they leave China entirely?
  • 49:48 – Wrapping up.


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