Celebrating 100 episodes by answering your manufacturing questions!We hit an important milestone this week, the 100th episode of Sofeast’s podcast: China Manufacturing Decoded! In a break from the norm, our CEO Renaud Anjoran took manufacturing questions from our listeners this week and answered six of the best in this special episode.

The questions are relevant for most people with supply chains overseas, so click below to listen and soak up Renaud’s good advice!

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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introduction.
  • 01:50 – Q1. Should importers be worried about Chinese supply chains in relation to the Russian invasion and its sanctions?
  • 06:56 – Q2. What inspection level is needed for medical devices? (AQL limits).
  • 10:19 – Q3. How to improve the quality of products being purchased from China? The bikes and office furniture we buy keep breaking!
  • 18:13 – Q4. Any tactics to deal with volatile costs these days?
  • 25:02 – Q5. How to work with Chinese suppliers without being ripped off?
  • 30:10 – Q6. How can I be sure that the product quality is as expected if I’m not in China to supervise the order myself?
  • 38:34 – Wrapping up.


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