After an inspection is failed, the client can refuse the goods and ask the supplier to repair the problems. In this case, the buyer can book a reinspection.

Some product inspections are failed, either because there are too many quality defects or because many products don’t respect the buyer’s specifications.

The benefits of a reinspection

When arranging a reinspection the booking is much faster, as all the information was already input for the first inspection.

ISO 2859 definition for “resubmitted lots”:
“All parties shall be immediately notified if a lot is found not acceptable. Such lots shall not be resubmitted until all items are re-examined or retested and the supplier is satisfied that all nonconforming items have been removed or replaced by conforming items, or all nonconformities have been corrected. The responsible authority shall determine whether normal or tightened inspection shall be used on re-inspection […].”

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